Covid came out of nowhere and as a result we’ve all made fast decisions to combat the pandemic. The once small act of sanitising has now now turned into an essential everyday action. But at what cost to our health and our planet?

MicroSafe® is the world’s most widely verified and patented, pharmaceutical grade, environmentally friendly, water based disinfectant that will help you keep everyone safe without causing damage to skin, eyes, breathing or the environment.

20 years’ experience fighting
pandemics globally
Kills SARS-CoV-2
(Covid-19) in 30 seconds
Free of toxic and
synthetic chemicals

Revolutionary water-based technology

MicroSafe eliminates 99.9999% (Log 6) of airborne and surface bacteria, spores, fungi, TB and viruses - including Covid-19 - in just 30 seconds. How? With patented Microcyn® technology, which turns water into MicroSafe disinfectant by using an electro-chemical process. This powerful disinfectant solution actively fights and kills foreign substances in a natural, gentle way, making it super safe to use around people, animals and on any surface.

It is also accredited with EN standards EN 1276, EN 14476, EN13704 and EN 1650.

In safe hands

MicrosSafe is used worldwide as a trusted, eco-friendly sanitiser to disinfect over 5,000 facilities daily. Requiring no dilution or mixing, special handling or disposal and no need to wipe or rinse business can continue virtually uninterrupted, saving both time and money, as well as the planet.

Environmentally Conscious

MicroSafe is the latest sustainable credential you can add to your business.

Fighting Covid-19 doesn't mean we have to forget about our planet. In fact, it's more important now than ever before . That's why we've made it our business to partner with environmentally friendly, MicroSafe which is 100% free of toxic or synthetic chemicals.

MicroSafe is 100% biodegradable, requires no special handling or disposal, PPE or wipes, is not dangerous to animals or aquatic life and doesn't leave harmful residues that could harm our health or the planet.

We thank you for joining us in combating Covid and protecting our planet for the next generation .

Twenty years and counting

MicroSafe has been used around the world effectively for 20 years to fight major virus outbreaks like Ebola, SARS and MERS.

Being hospital graded makes it possible for organisations across all sectors to successfully stay safe and reopen, making this eco-friendly, premium sanitiser a workplace essential during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Some of Our Clients


Keeping our school community safe is a priority during this challenging time and having the opportunity to use MicroSafe has been beneficial in doing this. Sanitising a school is an enormous task, the advantage of using MicoSafe is that large areas can be sanitised quickly and efficiently with no impact on the learning or safety of our students, staff or equipment. MicroSafe has given us an additional level of security that we didn’t have before; paramount especially in this phase of the pandemic.

Mr.Spencer, Deputy Head, Abbeyfield School

When we discovered it was approved for use around food and drink I was convinced that we now only needed one product to do everything, and to do it safely. Fogging the kitchen with MicroSafe means that we can decontaminate all the nooks and crannies. And we’re now looking beyond Covid to see how MicroSafe can help us minimize the risk of all other pathogens such as Norovirus or Salmonella way into the future. This could make an existential difference to how we deal with these risks.

Charles Inkin, Founder EatDrinkSleep

The day centres are essential to the residents’ mental as well as physical well-being and it is paramount that they feel safe.  We are careful to disinfect everything that is touched by staff and residents right down to their bingo chips, cutlery and handrails; we have a handy spray for intermittent treatment between fumigation sessions before and after new groups enter the centres – it’s super easy and time saving; we simply spray and leave it to dry naturally within about a minute.

Kerry Harris,Community Living Manager, First City Nursing

We are Purazine

We are the people fighting Covid-19 without harming our planet thanks to MicroSafe.

As exclusive distributor, our aim is to have a real impact on controlling Covid by bringing MicroSafe, important in infection control globally for over 20 years, to the UK and Europe for the first time.

And did we mention MicroSafe is also free of toxins, requiring no special handling or disposal so you can effectively keep safe greenly?