• Spring Clean - toxic overload?

    The sun is out, lockdown is easing and it’s time to shake out those rugs, throw open the windows and clean the house which, for many, has been a safe haven for the last twelve months during the current pandemic. As we mark AllergyUK’s Allergy Awareness Week from 26-30 April, we spare a thought for all those afflicted by allergies.
  • Disinfectant Divas - proceed with our earth in mind

    If the last year has taught us anything, the arrival of a global pandemic could be a sign that mother nature is sending us a warning so it’s not surprising that theme of this year’s Earth Day on 22nd April is “Restore Our Earth”.
  • Safe Infection Control Solution gives Day Centre residents increased reassurance

    Safe Infection Control Solution gives Day Centre residents increased reassurance Award-winning First City Nursing, provider of nursing care that is...
  • Back To School

    8th March 2021 a confirmed date that parents around the country can put in the diary.  Finally, our children can be reunited with friends and teachers in the school environment.   But school life will have a different feel and lack the spontaneity that our young are craving.  Not only will they have to respect social distancing and wear masks, but they will be living in a highly sanitised world where washing their hands several times a day is the norm and schools disinfecting classrooms after every lesson is standard. 

  • MicroSafe Disinfectant: Safe COVID Prevention Protocol

    Dental laboratory Morrison Aesthetic Restorations has invested in hospital grade MicroSafe disinfectant as the cornerstone of its Covid prevention ...
  • MEDIA INFORMATION: Organisations Across Wiltshire Strike Gold In Coronavirus Prevention

    Wiltshire-based businesses are developing an environmentally friendly, as well as a robust, approach to Covid prevention during the current pandemic. Central to this is MicroSafe® hospital-grade disinfectant, a new arrival to the UK with worldwide approval and one that sets the gold standard in safe sanitisation, allowing businesses to get back up and running whilst protecting their staff and clients to the highest level from Covid-19 without exposing them to harmful chemicals.
  • CASE STUDY: First City Nursing, First for Covid-Security

    Award-winning First City Nursing, provider of nursing care that is rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, was swift to develop a robust Covid-prevention protocol prior to reopening its day-centres following the first lockdown of the current pandemic. Central to this protocol is MicroSafe disinfectant - a new arrival in the UK - making First City Nursing one of the first to adopt this 100% toxin-free, highly effective disinfectant - one that sets the gold standard in safe sanitisation.
  • CASE STUDY: Morrisons Aesthetic Restorations, All Smiles for Covid-Prevention

    Professional dental technicians, Morrisons Aesthetic Restorations have invested in Hospital-grade MicroSafe disinfectant as the cornerstone of their Covid-prevention protocol to keep safe, during the pandemic, their staff, the dental practices and the clients who they supply with a range of prosthodontic solutions.
  • MEDIA INFORMATION: Quarantine Hotels Will Need Efficient, Non-harmful and Proven Cleaning Disinfectants To Keep Britain Safe From Imported Covid

    Yesterday’s announcement of new travel measures in the UK means that the quarantine hotels announced by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson will need stringent Covid-prevention protocols; these hotels could potentially become the new infection hubs of the UK so efficient disinfecting will be paramount if ‘imported’ new variants of Covid 19 are to be contained in the designated hotels.
  • CASE STUDY: 'EatDrinkSleep' - Serving up Covid-prevention, safely

    EATDRINKSLEEP (EDS), a UK market leading group of dining pubs with guest rooms, faced huge challenges in deciding what its Covid-safe strategy would look like. To reopen safely, the pubs put into place the most stringent protocols possible to minimise the risk of either staff or diners contracting Covid-19. Central to this became the use of MicroSafe, a safe and effective disinfectant used previously in the fight against epidemics such as MERS SARS, that has recently arrived in the UK to help combat Covid.
  • REVIEW: Hypochlorous Acid

    Hypochlorous Acid: A Review  Michael S. Block, DMD,* and Brian G. Rowan, DMD, MDy  The surgeon needs to have an inexpensive, available, nontoxic, a...
  • ARTICLE: Log Reductions Explained

    How does Log 6 equal 99.9999% effective and why does this matter?

    As someone responsible for assessing the effectiveness of different disinfectants you will be concerned with what percentage of a pathogen is killed by a particular disinfectant or process. But, if like many during the pandemic, choosing a disinfectant, to perhaps be fogged frequently to make your workplace safe, you may still be wondering why it is vital to choose the highest possible Log rating –usually expressed as a percentage between 90 and 99.9999% - and what this actually means.