CASE STUDY: 'EatDrinkSleep' - Serving up Covid-prevention, safely




EATDRINKSLEEP (EDS), a UK market leading group of dining pubs with guest rooms, faced huge challenges in deciding what its Covid-safe strategy would look like. To reopen safely, the pubs put into place the most stringent protocols possible to minimise the risk of either staff or diners contracting Covid-19. Central to this became the use of MicroSafe, a safe and effective disinfectant used previously in the fight against epidemics such as MERS SARS, that has recently arrived in the UK to help combat Covid.

The challenge

Building a Covid-safe strategy brought immense challenges for all hospitality venues. Among them was how to ensure consistently clean surfaces and air where there is constant movement of people. The importance of limiting disruption at a time when distancing restrictions create pressure on turnover meant the strategy had to be cost effective. Disinfectant contact time is key because so many products have to be left wet on the surface for a sustained contact time (up to 10 minutes) before being wiped away. To spray and immediately wipe these products renders them ineffective.

EDS decided it needed to prioritise a disinfectant that would be safe and easy to use without fear of adverse health reactions or damage to furniture or furnishings. It would also need to be stored safely, used right across the site and, in line with the group’s ethos of sustainability, be kind to the environment. MicroSafe was the product that answered these questions in a way that others weren’t able to.

Easily applied through a fogging machine with a very fine mist, MicroSafe is the only product of its kind that has a two year shelf life, maintaining 99.9999% efficacy for at least that length of time. It requires no dilution, special handling or disposal presenting no harm to plant or aquatic life.

The customer

EDS is a small, independent group of dining pubs with bedrooms that has picked up award after award over the past 20 years. Since opening The Felin Fach Griffin in 2000, the group has taken on two sites in West Cornwall, The Old Coastguard in Mousehole and The Gurnard’s Head near Zennor. Comfortable bedrooms, food that you really want to eat and a relentless focus on service and attention to detail. EDS is owned and run by Charles and Edmund Inkin, brothers from South Wales, who have been three times shortlisted as UK Independent Hoteliers of the Year at the annual Independent Hotel Show award.

Edmund Inkin, a Director of EATDRINKSLEEP commented: “We were adamant that the Hospitality sector should be at the forefront of Covid safety. We felt the pressure to get this right and MicroSafe helped us do this. Proven infection control, easily deliverable and, critically at a moment when time mattered more than ever, it caused almost no disruption to the flow of business.”

Closer to operations, one of the Group’s GMs, Julie Bell, explains, “Living in a rural area, I love that MicroSafe has no polluting chemicals. In many ways our cleaners are the most vulnerable to this virus and I care about their welfare. To give them the best chance of avoiding contact, the room is fogged with MicroSafe before they go in and clean which they can do almost immediately unlike other products which need a 15 – 20 minute drying time.”

From the other side, Dr David Cox, Managing Director of Purazine, said “We’re delighted to be providing MicroSafe, a disinfectant that offers pandemic protection and will continue to provide top level infection control for EDS and others in the hospitality sector long after Covid is gone”.

The product

MicroSafe, with its established and patented Microcyn technology, is the world’s most widely approved product of its kind for use against bacteria, fungus and viruses, including - among others - Norovirus (Gastro), MRSA and, crucially at this time, SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

Available internationally for 20 years, MicroSafe is now being imported into Britain for the first time by Purazine Ltd. to help combat the Covid-19 epidemic. Its active ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), a chemical naturally produced by the human immune system. It’s non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-harmful and 99.9999% successful in eradicating pathogens including Covid-19 within just 30 seconds of contact.

How EATDRINKSLEEP uses MicroSafe

MicroSafe is used daily across EATDRINKSLEEP alongside conventional cleaning in order to provide the cleaners themselves with a sanitised environment in which to work. Critically, the kitchens and dining rooms are also fogged through the day, as part of a process to minimise the risk of transmission during service. In addition, the tables and chairs are given an extra spray between diners.

With 99.9999% of the virus killed within 30 seconds of contact and MicroSafe able to dry within a minute, there is no downtime needed between sittings. The pubs can therefore offer the same high level of service and accommodate as many people as it is safe to do so at each sitting.

Despite many manufacturers claiming their disinfectants leave an efficacious residue such claims are not substantiated or approved by regulatory authorities because the residue cannot be proven to last or is potentially harmful. With new people coming and going throughout the day and evening a disinfectant that is safe to use, frequently and with a quick turnaround is vital.

How MicroSafe can support the Hospitality sector

Founder of EDS and Ballymaloe-trained chef, Charles Inkin, said, “This is a product that can be fogged anywhere killing germs and drying in just a minute without having to evacuate areas or wipe down surfaces - requiring almost no additional time or effort. As we all know additional labour or downtime between guests can really push costs up and reduce profits: we saw MicroSafe as a way round this.”

“When we discovered it was approved for use around food and drink I was convinced that we now only needed one product to do everything, and to do it safely. Fogging the kitchen with MicroSafe means that we can decontaminate all the nooks and crannies. And we’re now looking beyond Covid to see how MicroSafe can help us minimize the risk of all other pathogens such as Norovirus or Salmonella way into the future. This could make an existential difference to how we deal with these risks.”

“We also like that MicroSafe is non-corrosive and leaves no harmful residue causing no damage to surfaces. MicroSafe may be more expensive per litre but we’ve looked at it hard and the maths looked pretty compelling to us in the end. This is a product which reduces transmission risk, is easily deliverable, gives confidence to guests and teams alike and, crucially, reduces to very little the disruption to business.”