CASE STUDY: First City Nursing, First for Covid-Security

Award-winning First City Nursing, provider of nursing care that is rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, was swift to develop a robust Covid-prevention protocol prior to reopening its day-centres following the first lockdown of the current pandemic. Central to this protocol is MicroSafe disinfectant - a new arrival in the UK - making First City Nursing one of the first to adopt this 100% toxin-free, highly effective disinfectant - one that sets the gold standard in safe sanitisation.

Hospital-grade Microsafe, with its established and patented Microycn technology and 20 years’ use in fighting epidemics, has worldwide approval for use against bacteria, fungus and viruses, including - among others - Norovirus (Gastro), MRSA and crucially at this time, SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). The disinfectant contains Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), a chemical that is naturally produced by our body’s immune system in response to pathogens; it is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-harmful and 99.9999% successful in eradicating pathogens including Covid-19 within just 30 seconds of contact.

First City Nursing needed a disinfectant that was effective, safe and easy to use around elderly and vulnerable residents in their care, particularly in day-centres where they gather for meals and socialising. It also needed to be kind to the environment and able to be stored safely. “We are delighted to be able to provide MicroSafe, a disinfectant that ticks all their boxes as they will continue to be protected long after Covid is gone” says Dr David Cox, Managing Director of Purazine.

The day-centre environment, with a number of residents coming and going, could be a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria as well as contributing to the spread of Covid-19, therefore infection management is a top priority for First City Nursing. In addition, Akcess Wheelchair Accessible Transport of Swindon community buses used to transport residents to and from the day-centres, are also disinfected with MicroSafe to provide holistic protection to their residents; antibacterial mats and hand sanitiser stations are among other Covid-19 preventative measures First City Nursing is taking.

“The day-centres are essential to the residents’ mental as well as physical well-being and it is essential that they feel safe, especially within the current climate. We are careful to disinfect everything that is touched by staff and residents right down to their bingo chips, cutlery, handrails etc. so we have a handy spray for intermittent treatment between fumigation sessions before and after new groups enter the centres – it’s super easy and time saving; we simply spray and leave it to dry naturally within about a minute” says Kerry Harris, Community Living Manager.

Why MicroSafe? Because MicroSafe kills pathogens at a rate of 99.9999% within 30 seconds of contact, a room can be fogged swiftly without the use of PPE, and the disinfectant dries within around a minute with no wiping necessary, ensuring the highest possible sanitisation in the shortest possible time with the least possible effort. Further, in contrast to other commercially available disinfectants, MicroSafe leaves no residue on treated surfaces that could be harmful to health, thereby giving First City Nursing’s staff and clients increased protection and confidence.

“As lab test reports and Safety Data Sheets show, as well as being highly effective, MicroSafe contains no toxic or synthetic chemicals, is pH neutral and non-corrosive. Approval by both Boeing and Airbus for use inside their aircraft further reassured us that soft furnishings, leather seats, hard wood and carpeted floors and electrical equipment etc. will not be damaged by the disinfection process. It is also important to us that our choice of disinfectant does not have a detrimental environmental impact” explains First City Nursing Managing Director, Stephen Trowbridge.

First City Nursing sought a disinfectant with decades of experience and a proven track record with supporting independent lab tests and safety data sheets and found MicroSafe®, the world’s most widely verified and patented, hospital-grade, toxin-free, disinfectant that is kind to eyes, skin and breathing. In a care setting this is vital.