MEDIA INFORMATION: Organisations Across Wiltshire Strike Gold In Coronavirus Prevention


Wiltshire-based businesses are developing an environmentally friendly, as well as a robust, approach to Covid prevention during the current pandemic.    Central to this is MicroSafe® hospital-grade disinfectant, a new arrival to the UK with worldwide approval and one that sets the gold standard in safe sanitisation, allowing businesses to get back up and running whilst protecting their staff and clients to the highest level from Covid-19 without exposing them to harmful chemicals.

First City Nursing, Akcess Wheelchair Accessible Transport of Swindon, ATBShop Skate Warehouse and Abbeyfield School have all adapted to the current crisis with a new level of infection control with MicroSafe which has been used globally for 20 years in the fight against other epidemics such as SARS, MERS and Ebola. 

The active ingredient in MicroSafe is Hypochlorous Acid, known as HOCl, which is 99.9999% effective against pathogens within 30 seconds of contact making it ideal for ‘fogging’ or ‘misting’  - a method used extensively in parts of Asia and the Middle East, and only now beginning to be adopted here in the UK.  MicroSafe is pH neutral, non-corrosive and free of toxic or synthetic chemicals and alcohol making it safe for use in any environment.

 A room can be fogged swiftly, the disinfectant dries within approximately a minute with no wiping necessary ensuring the highest possible sanitisation in the shortest possible time and with the least possible effort or interruption and leaving no residue that could be harmful to health, surfaces or the environment. 

First City Nursing’s day centres needed an effective disinfectant that was, safe and easy-to-use around elderly and vulnerable residents in their care when they reopened between lockdowns; the day-centres could be a breeding ground for the spread of pathogens including the virus that causes Covid-19 with residents coming and going, gathering for meals and socialising, so infection management is a top priority.

“The day centres are essential to the residents’ mental as well as physical well-being and it is paramount that they feel safe.  We are careful to disinfect everything that is touched by staff and residents right down to their bingo chips, cutlery and handrails; we have a handy spray for intermittent treatment between fumigation sessions before and after new groups enter the centres – it’s super easy and time saving; we simply spray and leave it to dry naturally within about a minute” says Kerry Harris, Community Living Manager. 

Akcess Wheelchair Accessible Transport buses in Swindon needed to employ much higher cleaning protocols whilst transporting vulnerable residents to and from First City Nursing’s Day Centres as Nicky Hamlen explains:

“We feel more confident in transporting our clients. MicroSafe has been vital in helping us to keep our buses on the road and reassures our employees and clients that we take sanitisation very seriously.  It is so quick and easy to use which is really important as we have such a quick turnaround of buses.”

Although it is currently closed to walk-in clients due to the lockdown, ATBShop Skate Warehouse is still able to service its online shop and runs a click and collect service; pre-lockdown, it was essential for equipment and areas to be sanitised easily and quickly ensuring that clients were able to keep to their allotted time slots;

“Keeping our skate park and the equipment Covid free has been our top priority; we needed to ensure that there was no risk to any of our users.  MicroSafe was the secret weapon in ensuring we were able to reopen safely after the first lockdown. Parents and guardians felt it was safe to bring their children to our skate park and shop hearing about these extra steps we had in place and many parents told us that we were their first choice for a day out over other venues because of the extra steps we had taken,” explained owner Stu Kirk.

Abbeyfield School in Chippenham is a member of the Creative Education trust, a network of seventeen schools. Although currently offering online schooling, it has a high number of essential workers’ children in attendance, so the school continues to be sanitised with MicroSafe as it was in the Winter term.  Abbeyfield’s Deputy Head, Mr Spencer says:

“Keeping our school community safe is a priority during this challenging time and having the opportunity to use MicroSafe has been beneficial in doing this. Sanitising a school is an enormous task, the advantage of using MicoSafe is that large areas can be sanitised quickly and efficiently with no impact on the learning or safety of our students, staff or equipment. MicroSafe has given us an additional level of security that we didn’t have before; paramount especially in this phase of the pandemic.” 

Dr David Cox of Purazine who distributes MircroSafe in the UK says;

“It is clear that we are going to have to learn to co-exist with Covid-19 and other viruses in the future.   These Wiltshire organisations have embraced the importance of  putting measures in place to prevent Covid-19 that are free of harmful chemicals, efficient and easy to use as well as highly effective which, now more than ever, is vital if we are to open up the economy successfully post lockdown.”  


MicroSafe® at a glance:

  • MicroSafe eliminates 99.9999% (Log 6) of airborne and surface bacteria, spores, fungi, TB and viruses - including Covid-19 - in just 30 seconds; crucially this also includes antimicrobial resistant strains such as MRSA among others that are putting additional pressure on our NHS. How? With patented Microcyn® technology, which turns water into MicroSafe disinfectant by using an electro-chemical process. This powerful disinfectant solution actively fights and kills foreign substances in a natural, gentle way, making it super safe to use around people, animals and on any surface – please refer to the video on our website which explains the technology.
  • The main reason why HOCl solutions have not traditionally been widely used is due to their highly unstable nature. Most are manufactured on-site and have a shelf life of a few hours to a couple of days at best. This limits the ability of independent laboratory testing and regulatory approvals.  Sonoma Pharmaceuticals, a company based in Northern California, has pioneered a method to stabilize HOCl, thereby earning the first US FDA approval for shelf-stable HOCl globally in 2003 and patented it as the revolutionary Microcyn Technology (U.S Patent No. 9.918.477) as seen on our website
  • Over the past 20 years, Microcyn® Technology has earned multiple FDA, CE and Australian TGA approvals for Human and Animal Wound Care, Dermatology and High-Level Surface Disinfection.
  • Independent laboratory testing done in accordance with guidelines set by the U.S. EPA have determined a greater than 24 months shelf life and zero inhalation toxicity (Storage Stability Test OPPTS 830.6317 and US EPA Inhalation Toxicity test OPPTS 870.1300). In addition, U.S EPA tests also concluded zero, ocular, dermal and oral toxicity. The Microcyn® Technology has over 40 published studies demonstrating a safety profile nearly identical to normal saline and efficacy that out-performs conventional harsh chemical disinfectants.