MicroSafe Disinfectant: Safe COVID Prevention Protocol

Dental laboratory Morrison Aesthetic Restorations has invested in hospital grade MicroSafe disinfectant as the cornerstone of its Covid prevention protocol to keep staff and clients safe during the pandemic.

The Bicester-based dental lab supplies private dental practices across Oxfordshire and the UK with dental implants, crowns and bridges for emergency dental repairs, as well as providing a mobile technical service, so maintaining the highest level of infection control and hygiene, safely, is paramount.

With four technicians keeping an ‘essential services laboratory’ running throughout the pandemic, working from home during lockdown is not an option for the team. Morrison Aesthetic Restorations experiences an almost constant stream of deliveries and dispatches every day which must be managed carefully, ensuring that every step of the process is subject to thorough infection control.

They needed a disinfectant that was not only effective but safe enough to be used frequently. Proprietor, Sheila Morrison, said: “I cannot emphasise strongly enough how delighted we are to have found MicroSafe.

“It’s reduced my stress levels enormously knowing that we can disinfect everything thoroughly and it is safe to use as frequently as we need to keep clients and staff safe and COVID free. I use it at home too, as two members of my family have compromised immune systems.”

MicroSafe is said to be 99.9999% effective in killing viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi within a contact time of 30 seconds. Purazine, its distributor in the UK since 2020, claim that MicroSafe has a proven track record of combatting epidemics around the world (MERS, SARS, Ebola) as well as SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in Australia and the Middle East.

A spokesman from Purazine, Dr David Cox, explained: “The result of 20 years’ research, the patented and internationally approved Microcyn technology that makes MicroSafe so unique uses an electrochemical process to produce Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) similar to the natural HOCl produced by the human immune system to fight pathogens.

“This process results in a pH balanced disinfectant, that is free of harmful chemicals such as additives and alcohol. MicroSafe can be ‘fogged’ as a fine mist to ensure that no surface is left un-sanitised. Historically, HOCl disinfectant’s shelf life was very limited but uniquely, MicroSafe remains shelf-stable for two years, needing no special storage, handling or disposal and is kind to the environment.”

Dr Hugh Martin, recent former Head of Agricultural Science at RAU and consultant with HOCl Trust said: “With this level of efficacy, contact time, shelf-life and being non-corrosive, MicroSafe sets the gold standard in disinfectants making it ideal for use in clinical settings as well as general disinfection application.”

Dr Cox added: “It is clear that we are going to have to learn to co-exist with COVID-19 and other viruses in the future but it’s vital that our solution to the virus does not cause additional problems. We have a number of UK businesses using MicroSafe to great effect.

“They have embraced the importance of putting measures in place to prevent COVID-19 that are free of harmful chemicals, efficient and easy to use, limit business interruptions, and are highly effective, which, now more than ever, is vital if we are to successfully open up the economy after lockdown.”