CASE STUDY: Morrisons Aesthetic Restorations, All Smiles for Covid-Prevention


Professional dental technicians, Morrisons Aesthetic Restorations have invested in Hospital-grade MicroSafe disinfectant as the cornerstone of their Covid-prevention protocol to keep safe, during the pandemic, their staff, the dental practices and the clients who they supply with a range of prosthodontic solutions.  

The Bicester-based dental laboratory supplies private dental practices across Oxfordshire and the rest of the UK with dental implants, crown and bridges to emergency dental repairs, shade taking and mapping as well as providing a mobile technical service. Maintaining the highest level of sanitisation, safely, is paramount which is why they chose HOCl + MicroSafe. 

The Solution

With its established and patented Microycn technology and 20 years’ use in fighting epidemics across the globe, hospital-grade MicroSafe has worldwide approval for use against bacteria, fungus and viruses, including - among others - Norovirus (Gastro), MRSA and crucially at this time, SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). The active ingredient in MicroSafe is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), a chemical that is naturally produced by our body’s immune system in response to pathogens; it is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-harmful and 99.9999% successful in eradicating pathogens including Covid-19 within just 30 seconds of contact. Thanks to the patented Microcyn technology, unlike other HOCl products, Microsafe, uniquely has a two-year shelf life. 

The Client

With five technicians keeping an ‘essential services laboratory’ running throughout the pandemic, working from home during lockdown is not an option for the team at Morrisons Aesthetic Restorations. The facility experiences an almost constant stream of deliveries and dispatches throughout each day which they manage carefully, ensuring that every step of the process is subject to thorough infection control. They needed a disinfectant that was not only effective but safe enough to be used frequently. Proprietor Sheila Morrison, who is passionate about sustainability and all-too-aware of how detrimental the heavy use of toxic chemicals can be, searched for a product that was also kind to the environment. 

“We are delighted to be able to provide MicroSafe, a disinfectant that ticks all their boxes. As time goes on it is clear that we are all going to have to learn to coexist with this virus and MicroSafe will be here to help them protect their staff, clients and family for the long term” says Dr David Cox, Managing Director of Purazine Ltd, the importer of MicroSafe. 

In addition to staff and clients to protect, two members of Sheila’s immediate family ‘bubble’ have compromised immune systems placing them firmly in the vulnerable category: “I cannot emphasise strongly enough how delighted we are to have found MicroSafe; it’s reduced my stress levels enormously knowing that we can disinfect everything thoroughly and it is safe to use as frequently as we need to. Unlike the previous product which affected my sinuses, made me feel ‘groggy’, MicroSafe has no side effects. 

“Although the MicroSafe we have is not the hand-sanitiser product I use it to disinfect my hands as we had to stop using the hand sanitizer we initially had when we reopened as it caused skin irritation on the hands of all my staff and I had to buy hand creams for them. We don’t have any negative reaction to MicroSafe - I’m over the moon with it!” she exclaimed.

A family business, Morrisons Aesthetic Restorations’ mobile technical service is delivered by Sheila’s husband, Phil, who transports their products to dentists around the country. “My husband also fogs both the product and his car every time before setting off to see a client so that one thing he won’t be delivering along with our supplies, is Covid”. 

Why MicroSafe? Because MicroSafe kills pathogens at a rate of 99.9999% within 30 seconds of contact, the lab, reception, room, drop-box and car can be fogged swiftly without the use of PPE, and the disinfectant dries within around a minute with no wiping necessary, ensuring the highest possible sanitisation in the shortest possible time with the least possible effort. Fogging can be undertaken by any member of staff. Further, in contrast to other commercially available disinfectants, including household names, MicroSafe does not need to be left on surfaces for up to 10 minutes to be effective and leaves no residue on treated surfaces that could be harmful to health, thereby giving Morrisons Aesthetic Restorations’ staff and clients increased protection and confidence.

As lab test reports and Safety Data Sheets show, as well as being highly effective, MicroSafe contains no toxic or synthetic chemicals, is pH neutral and non-corrosive and is approved by both Boeing and Airbus for use inside their aircraft. “These approvals further reassured us that our furniture, materials and laboratory equipment etc. will not be damaged by the disinfection process. It is also important to us that our choice of disinfectant does not have a detrimental environmental impact” reiterates, Shelia Morrison. 

Morrisons Aesthetic Restorations sought a disinfectant with decades of experience and a proven track record with supporting independent lab tests and safety data sheets and found MicroSafe®, the world’s most widely verified and patented, hospital-grade, toxin-free, disinfectant that is kind to eyes, skin and breathing. In a medical laboratory setting this is vital.