MEDIA INFORMATION: Quarantine Hotels Will Need Efficient, Non-harmful and Proven Cleaning Disinfectants To Keep Britain Safe From Imported Covid


Yesterday’s announcement of new travel measures in the UK means that the quarantine hotels announced by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson will need stringent Covid-prevention protocols; these hotels could potentially become the new infection hubs of the UK so efficient disinfecting will be paramount if ‘imported’ new variants of Covid 19 are to be contained in the designated hotels.

Australia pioneered the idea of hotel quarantine, leading the world in incoming passenger isolation infection control and it is Australian/British-owned Purazine Ltd that has brought MicroSafe®, the most effective, non-harmful, non-corrosive and easy-to-use disinfectant to the UK.

MicroSafe, is 99.9999% effective in killing viruses within a contact time of 30 seconds and has a proven track record of combatting epidemics around the world (MERS, SARS, Ebola) as well SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) in Australia and the Middle East until now.

The result of 20 years’ research, the patented Microcyn technology that underpins MicroSafe uses an electrochemical process to produce Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) similar to the natural HOCl produced by the human immune system to fight pathogens. This process results in, pH balanced, MicroSafe, an infection control solution, that is free of harmful chemicals and alcohol which can be ‘fogged’ as a fine mist to ensure that no surface is left un-sanitised. Historically, HOCl disinfectant’s shelf life was very limited but uniquely, MicroSafe remains shelf-stable for two years, needs no special storage, handling or disposal and is kind to the environment.

MicroSafe is already used to great effect in the UK by a variety of organisations. EATDRINKSLEEP (EDS), a UK market leading group of dining pubs with guest rooms, has been using MicroSafe since its arrival in the UK last year.

Founder of EDS and Ballymaloe-trained chef, Charles Inkin, says;

“This is a product that can be fogged anywhere killing germs and drying in just a minute without having to evacuate areas or wipe down surfaces. It leaves no harmful residue causing no damage to furnishings or equipment or risk to health. It reduces transmission risk, is easily deliverable, and gives confidence to our guests and teams. When we discovered it was approved for use around food and drink, I was convinced that we now only needed one product to do everything, and to do it safely - this is crucial in the hotel environment.”

Quarantine Hotels will bear the heavy responsibility of ensuring the incoming strains of the virus do not spread beyond their walls.

Dr David Cox, Managing Director of Purazine Ltd said:

“Fogging, food preparation and common areas, along with each room between guests, with MicroSafe, should be an essential component of Covid-prevention protocols, safely facilitating a swift turn around between guests and requiring virtually no additional manpower.”