• CASE STUDY: First City Nursing, First for Covid-Security

    Award-winning First City Nursing, provider of nursing care that is rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, was swift to develop a robust Covid-prevention protocol prior to reopening its day-centres following the first lockdown of the current pandemic. Central to this protocol is MicroSafe disinfectant - a new arrival in the UK - making First City Nursing one of the first to adopt this 100% toxin-free, highly effective disinfectant - one that sets the gold standard in safe sanitisation.
  • CASE STUDY: Morrisons Aesthetic Restorations, All Smiles for Covid-Prevention

    Professional dental technicians, Morrisons Aesthetic Restorations have invested in Hospital-grade MicroSafe disinfectant as the cornerstone of their Covid-prevention protocol to keep safe, during the pandemic, their staff, the dental practices and the clients who they supply with a range of prosthodontic solutions.
  • CASE STUDY: 'EatDrinkSleep' - Serving up Covid-prevention, safely

    EATDRINKSLEEP (EDS), a UK market leading group of dining pubs with guest rooms, faced huge challenges in deciding what its Covid-safe strategy would look like. To reopen safely, the pubs put into place the most stringent protocols possible to minimise the risk of either staff or diners contracting Covid-19. Central to this became the use of MicroSafe, a safe and effective disinfectant used previously in the fight against epidemics such as MERS SARS, that has recently arrived in the UK to help combat Covid.