• Back To School

    8th March 2021 a confirmed date that parents around the country can put in the diary.  Finally, our children can be reunited with friends and teachers in the school environment.   But school life will have a different feel and lack the spontaneity that our young are craving.  Not only will they have to respect social distancing and wear masks, but they will be living in a highly sanitised world where washing their hands several times a day is the norm and schools disinfecting classrooms after every lesson is standard. 

  • REVIEW: Hypochlorous Acid

    Hypochlorous Acid: A Review  Michael S. Block, DMD,* and Brian G. Rowan, DMD, MDy  The surgeon needs to have an inexpensive, available, nontoxic, a...
  • ARTICLE: Log Reductions Explained

    How does Log 6 equal 99.9999% effective and why does this matter?

    As someone responsible for assessing the effectiveness of different disinfectants you will be concerned with what percentage of a pathogen is killed by a particular disinfectant or process. But, if like many during the pandemic, choosing a disinfectant, to perhaps be fogged frequently to make your workplace safe, you may still be wondering why it is vital to choose the highest possible Log rating –usually expressed as a percentage between 90 and 99.9999% - and what this actually means.

  • ARTICLE: Superbugs Are Growing More Resistant to Hand Sanitizers & Commonly Used Disinfectants, Scientists Warn

    As World Antimicrobial Awareness Week draws to a close Purazine launches MicroSafe, an HOCl+, natural, safe, highly effective disinfectant that kil...