Not all disinfectants are equal

As Covid-19 regulations evolve, you need to react accordingly, but may feel unprepared. With worries about how to remain open (reopen) and Covid-secure, establishing new protocols fast, sometimes even over night, is vital. So, the last thing you want to be doing is researching disinfectants.

However, it is becoming increasingly concerning that some Covid prevention measures, such as disposable PPE, wipes and chemicals, could do more harm than good to those they're trying to protect, and to our planet.

This is where MicroSafe distributed by Purazine can really help. With no toxic chemicals or need for PPE or wipes, MicroSafe is the most effective Covid control solution with the lowest environmental impact.

Covid-secure your workplace, risk-free

We understand that safety is your number one priority, and MicroSafe, which can be fogged or sprayed as required without harm to people or planet, or interuption to your business is essential in any pandemic protocol to combat Covid-19.

MicroSafe® can be purchased from Purazine in a choice of three convenient sizes that require no dilution or additional handling.

Whatever your workplace MicroSafe will keep it safe!

To discuss your disinfecting requirements please contact our trained specialists on 03300880660

Fog or spray, no need to wipe

With a contact time of 30 seconds MicroSafe can be fogged as a fine mist eliminating 99.9999% of airborne and surface pathogens before it dries* unlike many disinfectants with contact times of five minutes or longer.

MicroSafe can be safely fogged, efficiently reaching every nook and cranny, leaving no harmful residue and requiring no wiping; reducing the quantity required and labour time. Use the MicroSafe handy spray for intermittent disinfecting of high traffic touch points such as handrails, door handles, desks, tables etc.

 *A disinfectant is only effective when it is wet so a contact time of longer than 60 seconds cannot be effectively fogged as it will dry too quickly.

CASE STUDY: First City Nursing, First for Covid-Security

Award-winning First City Nursing, provider of nursing care that is rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, was swift to develop a robust Covid-prevention protocol prior to reopening its day-centres following the first lockdown of the current pandemic. Central to this protocol is MicroSafe disinfectant - a new arrival in the UK - making First City Nursing one of the first to adopt this 100% toxin-free, highly effective disinfectant - one that sets the gold standard in safe sanitisation.

CASE STUDY: Morrisons Aesthetic Restorations, All Smiles for Covid-Prevention

Professional dental technicians, Morrisons Aesthetic Restorations have invested in Hospital-grade MicroSafe disinfectant as the cornerstone of their Covid-prevention protocol to keep safe, during the pandemic, their staff, the dental practices and the clients who they supply with a range of prosthodontic solutions.

CASE STUDY: 'EatDrinkSleep' - Serving up Covid-prevention, safely

EATDRINKSLEEP (EDS), a UK market leading group of dining pubs with guest rooms, faced huge challenges in deciding what its Covid-safe strategy would look like. To reopen safely, the pubs put into place the most stringent protocols possible to minimise the risk of either staff or diners contracting Covid-19. Central to this became the use of MicroSafe, a safe and effective disinfectant used previously in the fight against epidemics such as MERS SARS, that has recently arrived in the UK to help combat Covid.