Frequently Asked Questions

MicroSafe products contain zero toxic chemicals and are produced from 100% natural ingredients. The active ingredient is hypochlorous acid, a free chlorine molecule with the chemical structure HOCl which replicates the body’s defence mechanism against pathogens, destroying foreign substances by a purely natural physical process. The result is a non-irritating, non-toxic, environmentally friendly liquid which eliminates airborne and surface pathogens within 30 seconds. Alcohol or bleach-based disinfectants kill pathogens via a chemical process, potentially causing toxic damage to materials or harmful reactions in humans and animals, plus they also often require 10 minutes’ application time.

MicroSafe has a safety profile 0-0-0-A meaning it causes no reaction to skin, eyes or respiratory systems. It can be used in the presence of all adults, children, babies, elderly people, even if they have underlying health issues. It is also completely safe to use in the presence of animals. If the product gets into the eyes or on skin, there is no need to rinse it off as it is as safe as saline.

The frequency of application depends on the environment where it is used. Pathogens are re-introduced to any area depending on the human traffic it receives. This means that high traffic areas need to be disinfected more often than others. For example, an aircraft cabin needs to be fumigated after each flight. A veterinary practice or medical facility would need to be fumigated after each appointment. However a hotel room would only need to be fumigated before each guest checks in to use the room. The fumigation machines are able to cover 75-90 sqm with 1L of product in about 5 minutes. This fast application means that you can apply MicroSafe more often, hence creating a safer environment.

MicroSafe kills bacteria and viruses within 30-seconds and there is no need to wipe or rinse. This fast contact time is essential as the 5-micron size droplets air dry within one minute. That said, if a very large quantity is applied it will take up to 10 minutes to dry.

There is absolutely no need to wear any form of protective clothing as the product is 100% chemical-free, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and pH neutral. You would only wear PPE equipment if you are entering a room that has a suspected contamination which means you are wearing the PPE for that reason, not because of the product.

Fogging is the most effective way to apply MicroSafe as its micron droplets kill airborne pathogens and settle into nooks and crannies on surfaces that a simple wipe may miss. The fogging machine weighs 7kg when filled with solution and is easily portable.

MicroSafe is the only 100% non-toxic, officially certified product of its kind available worldwide with a two year shelf life. No other HOCl product meets the United States, European and Australian standards, nor do they have such a long shelf life. Many only remain effective for just 2-3 months. This is why MicroSafe’s patented biotechnology is HOCI+ because it is the most effective, sustainable, proven and certified product of its kind on the market globally.

MicroSafe leaves no residue behind on surfaces as it dries clean and does not need to be rinsed or wiped. Some manufacturers state that their products leave a residue effective against pathogens for a period of time. Moreover, products with residual chemical effects, while on the surface appear to be a good idea, are in fact less than ideal due to the damage they can cause to surface materials and concerns regarding possible harm if inhaled, ingested or absorbed through skin. The US EPA and other government agencies have publicly declared that there are no EPA registered products with label claims that are effective against viruses over the course of any time period thereby negating any 'residual' or 'long-lasting' efficacy claims.

Yes, MicroSafe is proven to kill 99.9999% of airborne viruses and surface pathogens, including COVID-19, SARS, Ebola, Noroviruses, HIV and antibiotic-resistant superbug MRSA in 30 seconds as well as a range of viruses and bacterial infections control that effect animals such as Strangles and Equine Influenza in horses among others.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK had never been impacted by such a highly contagious virus. Until now, other disinfectants, albeit largely chemical and alcohol-based could sufficiently deal with pathogens in our region. Other viruses such as SARS predominantly affected Asia and the Far East. MERS was prevalent in the Middle East, and Ebola in Africa. Purazine was established in 2020 to bring MicroSafe to the UK/Europe as we believe this is the gold standard in natural infection to help in the fight against the, airborne transmitted, COVID-19 pandemic in this country/region. For the first time, UK/European organisations of all kinds now have access to an effective, non-toxic, stable disinfectant that is officially approved to kill COVID-19 pathogens as well as many others.

The patented Microcyn technology that makes MicroSafe so unique is the most internationally approved, non-toxic, shelf-stable solutions available worldwide which are 100% free of synthetic chemicals. Microcyn is officially certified by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in the United States, TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) in Australia, and CE (Conformité Européenne) in Europe to meet health, safety, and environmental protection standards. MicroSafe is also supported by more than 30 clinical papers from world-renowned academic institutions and is the only product of its kind approved by Boeing and Airbus.

MicroSafe is used around the world to decontaminate over 5,000 facilities daily. This includes operating theatres and ICUs in Dubai hospitals; airlines such as Etihad and Emirates; educational establishments such as Swinburne University of Technology, and the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia to name just a few.