Patented Technology

Patented Microcyn technology, which is the result of 20 years' research, turns water into pharmaceutical-grade MicroSafe disinfectant. How? By using an electro-chemical process that generates a pH neutral balanced solution of sodium chloride and hypochlorous acid HOCl.

As a result this disinfectant is non-irritating, non-corrosive and free of synthetic and toxic chemicals. MicroSafe is also biodegradable, so no dilution, special handling or disposal is required.

By replicating the way the human body fights infection, the hypochlorous acid in MicroSafe destroys foreign substances using a purely physical process. This eliminates pathogens while leaving no residue behind that could be harmful to health, damage equipment or exacerbate antimicrobial resistance.

MicroSafe is safe as well as effective

Covid-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 is an enveloped virus, which is highly virulent and easily spread. It's transmitted through aerosol droplets, on surfaces and studies even detected the virus in urine and plasma.

Currently there is no cure for those infected, making it even more important to reduce airborne and surface viruses.

Where most disinfectants only render pathogens inert. MicroSafe eliminates them through a purely physical process, leaving no harmful residue.

Because it is also free from harmful chemicals, MicroSafe can also be fogged without PPE, fumigating a room with a 5 micron droplet mist that kills airborne and surface pathogens, even in hard-to-reach areas. And with a contact time of just 30 seconds and a 60 second drying time, MicroSafe is quick, safe, extremely effective and kind to the environment

“With this level of efficacy, contact time, shelf life and being non-corrosive, MicroSafe sets the gold standard in disinfectants making it ideal for use in clinical settings as well as general disinfection application.” - Dr Hugh Martin, former Head of Agricultural Science at RAU and consultant with HOCl Trust

EPA Approved Disinfectants

Unlike HOCl+ MicroSafe, other disinfectants have ingredients that can cause harm when used in quantity or without protective measures.

We have created a table that lists the effects of many of these ingredients, showing just how important it is to check any warnings so you can keep your work place safe, not just Covid-safe.


MicroSafe is tested and certified in renowned Microbiology laboratories across the globe including in Europe, the United States and Australia.

The patented Microcyn technology that makes MicroSafe so unique is more widely verified than any other disinfectant of this kind being registered and approved by the United States FDA, European Union CE, Health Canada, the UAE Ministry of Health, Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration), Australian GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia), Boeing and Airbus.

HSE - While the majority of surface disinfectants require approval and should be registered under the BPR (Biocidal Products Regulations) this is not the case for MicroSafe. Why? See scenario 4 in the HSE table, which shows authorisation is not yet required from HSE.

Certified by

We were sceptical about the claims for this product, but having tested it comprehensively, we can substantiate the incredible properties of the MicroSafe Disinfectant and Sanitiser. It ensures we have the best infection control procedure in place whilst also protecting our very sensitive laboratory equipment from any potential damage as Microsafe is pH-neutral, non-corrosive, completely biocompatible and safe to use without having to remove personnel during cleaning activities. Microsafe is the best choice on the market.

Swinburne University of Technology

I cannot emphasise strongly enough how delighted we are to have found MicroSafe; it’s reduced my stress levels enormously knowing that we can disinfect everything thoroughly and it is safe to use as frequently as we need to. Unlike the previous product which affected my sinuses, made me feel ‘groggy’, MicroSafe has no side effects. Although the MicroSafe we have is not the hand-sanitiser product I use it to disinfect my hands as we had to stop using the hand sanitizer we initially had when we reopened as it caused skin irritation on the hands of all my staff and I had to buy hand creams for them. We don’t have any negative reaction to MicroSafe - I’m over the moon with it!”

Sheila Morrison, Director, Morrisons Aesthetic Restorations

Keeping our skate park and the equipment Covid free has been our top priority; we needed to ensure that there was no risk to any of our users.  MicroSafe was the secret weapon in ensuring we were able to reopen safely after the first lockdown. Parents and guardians felt it was safe to bring their children to our skate park and shop hearing about these extra steps we had in place and many parents told us that we were their first choice for a day out over other venues because of the extra steps we had taken. 

Stuart Kirk, ATBShop Skate Warehouse

Living in a rural area, I love that MicroSafe has no polluting chemicals. In many ways our cleaners are the most vulnerable to this virus and I care about their welfare. To give them the best chance of avoiding contact, the room is fogged with MicroSafe before they go in and clean which they can do almost immediately unlike other products which need a 15 – 20 minute drying time.

Julie Bell, General Manager, EatDrinkSleep