ARTICLE: Superbugs Are Growing More Resistant to Hand Sanitizers & Commonly Used Disinfectants, Scientists Warn

As World Antimicrobial Awareness Week draws to a close Purazine launches MicroSafe, an HOCl+, natural, safe, highly effective disinfectant that kil...

ARTICLE: Log Reductions Explained

How does Log 6 equal 99.9999% effective and why does this matter?

As someone responsible for assessing the effectiveness of different disinfectants you will be concerned with what percentage of a pathogen is killed by a particular disinfectant or process. But, if like many during the pandemic, choosing a disinfectant, to perhaps be fogged frequently to make your workplace safe, you may still be wondering why it is vital to choose the highest possible Log rating –usually expressed as a percentage between 90 and 99.9999% - and what this actually means.

REVIEW: Hypochlorous Acid

Hypochlorous Acid: A Review  Michael S. Block, DMD,* and Brian G. Rowan, DMD, MDy  The surgeon needs to have an inexpensive, available, nontoxic, a...