MicroSafe® is a natural, safe sanitiser which is 100% non-toxic, alcohol-free and contains zero synthetic chemicals. It is proven to kill  99.9999% of viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores within 30 seconds, including COVID-19, noroviruses, Ebola and antibiotic-resistant MRSA.

MicroSafe® has…

been used effectively to fight major virus outbreaks globally for almost 20 years. It was used to control SARS in 2003, MERS in 2012 and in the field during the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone. In 2020 it is being used to fight the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus).

MicroSafe® is…

also trusted as a reliable, eco-friendly, non-corrosive and alcohol-, toxin- and synthetic chemical-free disinfectant by wide-ranging industry sectors and organisations around the world. It is currently used to decontaminate over 5000+ facilities every day - from hospitals, hotels, restaurants and offices, to navy submarines, aircraft, schools, ski resorts and sports events.

This unique patented HOCI+ biotech product is the only one of its kind available worldwide with a 2-year shelf life.

Meeting United States, European and Australian standards, MicroSafe® products are verified and registered with the most rigorous regulatory bodies in the world.

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